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The Massachusetts lawyers at Swartz & Swartz, P.C. handle many types of personal injury cases for our catastrophically injured clients. To learn more about each specific practice area, please follow the links below.

Aircraft Accidents
We handle aircraft accident cases that occur on both commercial and private planes. Our Boston injury lawyers represent clients in cases involving catastrophic injury or death arising from aircraft accidents caused by pilot error and airplane defects,. Learn more about our experience in these complex cases.
Automotive Defects
Catastrophic injuries and deaths on roadways can occur due to an automobile defect. Automobile and motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors and dealerships have a responsibility to ensure that their vehicles are safe. When they fail and car accidents occur, a Boston injury lawyer can help.
Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyers Boston Massachusetts
When a sudden head impact or trauma occurs, brain injury can result. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have be chronic, and have a significant impact on a victim’s life.
Fire and Burn Injury Lawyers Boston Massachusetts
Catastrophic burn injuries can be among the most painful and debilitating injuries for victims. Horrific burn injuries can result from gas or chemical explosions, car and other motor vehicle accidents, and defective heating or other combustible equipment, among other causes.
Car Accident Lawyers Boston MA
Automobile and other motor vehicle accidents are among the most common causes of death and injury in our country. Remedies after car accidents are readily available with the right Boston personal injury lawyer protecting your rights.
Catastrophic Injuries
A catastrophic injury typically has long-lasting affects over the course of a lifetime. Such injuries include brain injuries, paralysis, burn injuries, and other conditions that affect daily living or that cause permanent disabilities requiring ongoing medical care.
Construction Site, Home & Workplace Accidents
The construction industry employs millions of people across the country. Employers in the industry have a duty to properly train and supervise workers. When construction accidents occur, there are legal complexities including determining whether to sue or file a workers’ compensation claim. A Boston injury lawyer can help.
Contract and Business Litigation
There are many laws and codes protecting individuals against unjust breaches of contracts. Navigating through the legalities of the contract language itself, as well as applicable court decisions and statutes, is important in order to achieve the maximum compensation for broken contractual promises.
Employment Litigation
Employment litigation can involve a variety of disputes between an employer and employee, including disputes related to wrongful termination and discrimination.
False Claims Act, Qui Tam & Whistle Blower Claims
Qui Tam or “whistleblower” lawsuits are brought by individuals on behalf of the government to protect the general public from fraud and abuse by private entities. For example, an employee might discover wrongdoing during the course of employment. Laws are in place to protect workers who come forward and reveal fraudulent activity engaged in by supervisors or management and a Boston lawyer can help to make whistleblower claims.
Inadequate Security and Premises Liability Litigation
Security failures can involve inadequate protections for workers or customers, leading to preventable injuries caused by negligence or even criminal activity. For example, assault and battery or sexual assault may occur due to inadequate security Security failures may result from lack of training or supervision, or from failure to provide or implement necessary alarms, locks, and other security devices. Negligent security cases can arise when injuries occur in settings such as retail stores, apartment and condominium buildings, schools, and nursing homes.
Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice refers to professional negligence by a health care provider when the services provided deviate from the applicable standard of care. Medical malpractice can cause severe injuries or even death to a patient.
Nursing Home and Elderly Abuse Litigation
Nursing home cases may involve unfathomable abuse and neglect of one of the most defenseless segments of our society. The lives and well-being of the elderly have been entrusted to professionals. These victims often cannot speak out against the people who harm them, resulting in serious and sometimes fatal consequences. A Boston injury lawyer can give nursing home abuse victims a voice and help them obtain justice.
Nursery Schools & Daycare Abuse and Neglect
Children may be neglected or even physically abused by staff members who are inadequately trained or screened. These innocent victims are unable to protect themselves or advocate for their own safety.
Personal Injury
A personal injury claim, whether it involves a car or truck, consumer product, or medical error, means any incident where a person has been injured or killed (“wrongful death”) because someone or something (such as a business) was negligent.
Product Liability
Manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers are responsible for harm caused by their defective products. The focus must be on “safety first”, rather than a “bottom line” mentality that puts profits before people. A Boston injury lawyer can help you pursue a product liability claim.
Railroad Accidents
If you have suffered serious injuries resulting from a railroad or trolley accident, you may be entitled to recover damages if the accident was caused by negligent conduct. The law provides remedies for individuals who have been harmed due to negligent operation, improper maintenance, or defective train parts.
Recreational Vehicle, ATV & Boating Accidents
Manufacturers of defective recreational products may claim that related accidents involving swimming pools, ATV’s, personal watercraft, or boats are the sole result of “human/operator error.” In reality, however, improperly designed, tested and manufactured products have been the cause of innumerable incidents leading to catastrophic injury or death.
Sexual Abuse Litigation
Tragically, many incidents of sexual abuse come to light every year in the U.S. Sexual predators and pedophiles often take advantage of their power of position, ruining the lives of countless victims in settings once believed to be safe havens such as places of religious worship, schools, youth organizations, and workplaces. The psychological and sometimes physical repercussions of sexual abuse are permanent.
Wrongful Death Lawyers Serving Boston, MA
Death may be caused by defective products, negligent medical procedures or treatment, and negligent operation of motor vehicles, or other acts of negligence and gross negligence. Those who cause deaths are not absolved of legal liability. Instead, wrongful death actions are lawsuits brought by dependents of a deceased person. Wrongful death cases allege that death was caused by willful or negligent actions of another person or entity and allow for surviving family members to recover damages.

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