Railroad Accidents

The law provides remedies for individuals who have suffered injuries in railroad collisions, or while on railroad-owned property. While federal and state regulations prescribe the conduct of railroad operators, these complex laws also provide certain legal protections for railroad companies, even in circumstances where their negligence has caused significant harm to individuals. One such example of federal protection for wrongdoers on the railways includes the area of workers' compensation claims pursued by railroad employees, whose recoveries are limited under a separate federal statutory scheme called the Federal Employers' Liability Act of 1907 (FELA).

If you have suffered severe injuries as the result of a railroad accident, you should contact a lawyer with experience in the pursuit of related claims, as you may be entitled to a recovery of damages as a result of the railroad's negligent conduct. It is critically important that you protect your rights in a timely manner, since there are notice requirements and other deadlines that may bar claims that are not brought within a prescribed period.

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