Robotic Surgery Malpractice

Robotics surgery is a technology with great potential in the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon. Many surgeons do not use the robotic device and prefer to perform procedures laparoscopically using hand held devices. Unfortunately, the training for many surgeons to become certified is minimal and in the hands of a certified surgeon with limited experience doctors can cause serious harm or fatal injuries to their patients.

Robotics surgery is used for many types of surgery such as hysterectomies, kidney repair and prostate surgery. Through the use of a computer the surgeon controls the robot from a distance and manipulates the arms of the robot to perform the surgery using minimally invasive methods. Lack of care, inadequate training and lack of experience can cause long-term complications for the patient. Such complications can include:
  • Creation of fistulas between organs
  • Damage to other organs, vessels, and tissues
  • Injuries resulting in bleeding
The robot can reach into small places that a doctor’s hands could not normally fit, but the doctor’s ability to feel how forcefully they are grabbing tissue (tactile sensation), how they are cutting, and how the stitches are holding is lost, which can be very dangerous for the patient.

One of the most common robots used during surgery is the da Vinci robot by Intuitive Surgical. Approximately 853 hospitals across the United States use this robot. One woman that had surgery performed by this robot was so terribly injured, that she required four additional surgeries in an attempt to repair the damage when both her ureters were severed. During a hysterectomy, another man died during a robotic surgery when the surgeon cut two of his main blood vessels, accidentally. This surgeon had only used the robot 4 times prior to this surgery.

These robots also have the possibility of malfunctioning and causing injury to their patients, because it is a computerized machine. If the machine breaks during surgery serious injury or death could result. Allegedly, in at least one instance, a piece of the machine broke off during surgery, and the doctor had to stop the surgery all-together until the piece was re-attached. This can pose a great threat to the patient. If you believe you have been injured due to medical negligence or a mechanical defect during a robotic surgery please contact one of the highly experienced medical malpractice and products liability attorneys at Swartz & Swartz, P.C. 

Swartz & Swartz, P.C. has the resources and experience necessary to help you pursue a medical malpractice claim and/or products liability claim. Swartz and Swartz, P.C. was one of the first law firms in the nation to file suit against improperly trained surgeons causing injury to patients using the da Vinci. If you believe that you have been injured or have lost a loved one during a robotics procedure, please contact one of our highly knowledgeable robotic surgery attorneys. Our lawyers are here to answer your questions and discuss how to protect your legal rights. Call our Boston, Massachusetts office at (617) 742-1900, or toll-free at 1-800-545-3732.

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