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Products Liability – Recreational equipment

Dune Buggy

A group of children were driving a dune buggy. A spare can of gasoline was on the floor board of the vehicle. As the dune buggy went over a bump, a spark from the exposed battery caused an explosion. As a result the plaintiff received second and third degree burns over 50% of her body.[53]

Snow Tube

Seven-year-old boy and his mom set out to go sledding at the neighborhood elementary school. At the school, one of the boy's friends asked the boy if he could use the boy's sled and in turn, the boy could try his snow tube. The boy and his friend then went to the top of the


Rider of snowmobile sustained injuries resulting in quadriplegia as a result of snowmobile's defective steering skis.[51]

Snowmobile; Treads

Plaintiff, a 15-year-old female, was a passenger on a snowmobile. The machine had no handgrips for passengers and had an old model tread, a wooden tread with metal cleats, instead of a rubber tread as on current models. There was no protection covering the tread of the rear corners. Plaintiff fell off the machine, caught

Snowmobile; Speed-Governor Bell

Plaintiff, 22 years old, was injured in Dryden, Maine, while he was idling a snowmobile. The speed-governor bell separated from the drive shaft, crashed through the engine housing, and struck the plaintiff in the face. Plaintiff sustained multiple fractures of the jaw and nose, but reached an end result without cosmetic deformity and with no

Swimming Pool; Inflatable and Portable

A 9-year-old girl was playing in a neighbor's backyard swimming pool, an inflatable and portable above-ground pool with a uniform depth of about four feet. The only way to enter the pool was from a ladder-platform. There were no warning signs or notices about the dangers of diving off the platform into the shallow water.



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